Transformation: Patrice Gray

Patrice Gray:

Coach Christina:

Do you see my beautiful friend? Her life is changing. She is transforming from the inside out. Yes, she lost over 20lbs in 8 weeks, but what she is gaining is the true gift. Here's her story in her own words:

Transformed mind! I can't believe how quickly 8 weeks have flown by. I am forever grateful. When I started this I was mad at life mad I was tired of being tired and angry how unhealthy I had become. Always out of breath and that's not good for a woman heading into her golden years. My son constantly worrying about me from 600 miles away. I've always walked a lot but walking and eating fried food and processed package food do not go together. It was a waste of my time. My mind heart soul and body is grateful. I have learned that I am not to old to learn more i am not always right and the way i have been doing things are not the way God has planned my life out. I have learned to call on God before I get bossy or anger takes over. It usually is not the situation before me but something else deeper. One thing that bothers me is I'm a independent woman and sometimes I want to stay that way. I'm learning again how to be open and vulnerable. I learned that turning my anger to food or wine as a pity party is not what I need. I now fall to my knees and talk it out and realize what I have known all along God can turn the situation to gold. I've been so focused on pleasing God that I forget I'm getting fit till someone ask me. I don't see what others see but it's working cause I'm now getting questions and comments. I want to be that woman that can use this journey to bring others to God and to share why I'm getting my life healthy. Luke 9:62. When I started this I wanted to complete this and not look back. I'm in a happy place right now but wise enough to know Satan is not happy and I have to stay on guard. God is there for me so why not lean on him. Smh. I've lost approximately 21 pounds and somewhere around 10 plus inches. I don't see it but I feel it. Tons of energy which makes me work out and drink my water more and more. Thanks God and thanks Christina how you are helping to change lives around for many people. I'm doing a happy dance. I'm still praying cause I know I have 50 plus more to really be healthy.

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