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Transformation: Kristen Darden

I highly recommend Christina Charley. I have known her since I was a teen and new to Nashville. From the moment we meet, Christina's warmth and kindness have always been her calling card. From a teen to a wife and mother of two, I have went through a lot of change both physically and mentally for which Christina has had a front seat to witness. When I settled into mid thirty and 10 years married, I made the decision that I wanted to be my best self. That I wanted my body back!

When Christina became my coach, I feel like I knew how to get weight off, but not in a healthy way. As an old beauty queen, I'm no stranger to the gym. However, I had some unhealthy scripts in my head about beauty and health that kept me in a ditch. With Christina's help and the community of encouraging women she has created, I was able to not only achieve my weight goal, but also unburden myself of negativity that was weighing my down and preventing me from being that better self that I set out to me. Christina has helped me to view food and my body differently by taking a more holistic view about how these things work together. Now I'm in a position to love myself through transition and have the peace needed internally to do better for not only me, but for the people my I love.

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