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Are you ready to regenerate your HEALTH and come ALIVE in
your life?

Franklin Tennessee health coach
Join me & a sisterhood of amazing women for 10 weeks of Transformational Mind & Body coaching.

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If you're tired of reading book after book, doing diet after diet, with no results, you are in the right place!

Our goal is to heal the


with healthy habits that will 

change your life. 

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True and lasting Transformation happens in your mind. One of the first things we do is discover the thoughts and beliefs you have first. Finally have peace with food and your body! You will gain practical strategies to change your relationship with food and see it as God intended- His lovingly created gift to us. Learn to love yourself and see yourself as a beautiful creation of an artistic God.

It's time to start loving yourself and end the negative self talk, judgement and shame around your body. Finally conquer cravings, lose weight and get healthy with JOY!

You will learn how to use God's glorious foods, exercise, sleep, and movement – in the RIGHT way – to heal your body, conquer cravings, lose weight, gain energy, and develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime.


Finally experience joy and fulfill your purpose and set your soul FREE!

You will discover how to put God at the center of your health journey and get the results only He can give so that you can connect with God, deepen your faith, experience peace & joy so you can fulfill your purpose.

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