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Cathy Freiberger

In Isaiah 43:19, God says, "See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland." Romans 12:2 says, "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will." 

I MADE IT TO MY FINAL WEIGHT & SIZE GOAL!!! In January, 2015, I started on this journey. These are two of the scriptures that I've held on to, giving me hope that God truly could show me a way out of the "wasteland" and work a transformation in my mind, body and spirit in the area of my health. Fifteen months later, I've made it to the healthy weight goal I set for myself! I am down 118 pounds, and I can (comfortably) fit into the "tiny" jeans that a friend gave me (I've never worn these sizes before)! That's where I wanted to be, and it seems like a healthy weight and size for me. :) These days I'm not really in "weight loss mode" anymore, just eating healthy life-giving foods, exercising consistently, and listening to my body. 

As for the other "stats," I've also dropped EIGHTY inches and 31.8% of my body fat, and my BMI has gone from being in the morbidly obese range to well-within normal ranges for my height and age! As for the "non-scale victories," at age 53 I am probably the healthiest I've ever been. I am definitely stronger, I've healed from injuries, I have more energy than ever, and I just feel good. I've learned to look at the foods and the exercise I give my body in a whole new way, as part of my spiritual act of worship to God! I have also learned to depend on God in a whole new way in this area of my life. Now I'm coaching and helping others to discover what I've found through the Love Yourself Fitness Transformation program, which is truly incredible! All of these wonderful changes in less than a year and a half! God gave me the courage to take that first step, and he has blessed it so much with the help of my wonderful friend and coachChristina Charley, to whom I am forever grateful. I'm so thankful! ‪#‎Jeremiah29‬:11.


David and Amie Bates

Coach Christina: Who loses 43 lbs, 25 inches and almost 9% body fat in 8 weeks with my LY Transformation?? David Bates, that's who!! As a couple, David and Amie lost 62lbs! Their transformation has been from the inside out and the results in their life have been far-reaching! I am so excited to see even more to come!! 


Here's David's  story:

‪Amie and I have just wrapped up the initial 8 weeks of Christina’s program with amazing results, and a set of tools that we can use to continue on this journey to be the healthiest we can be.

I have no more joint pain, no more swelling, and more clarity of thought and purpose. I have tons of energy and the confidence that I can make the healthiest food choices possible, even when I cannot completely control my eating environment. (I just finished a conference for work where I had to improvise the healthiest options out of the food provided) I went from not fitting in certain clothes because I was too big, to not fitting in those same clothes because now they are too big.

I am grateful Amie Miner Bates and I could be on this journey together, and that Christina Charley has the heart to provide guidance, encouragement, and correction where needed to everyone who wants to transform the way they live. I believe that everyone experiences transformation at their own pace, it is not a competition and each person has a path marked out for them individually.

So in the past 8 weeks my path has led me to lose 43 pounds, 25 inches and 8.8% body fat. I now have some new goals on this path and will post back with progress towards them.

I have just finished my 8 week transformation with‪ the Love Yourself Transformation and I am grateful for this program and so very happy with the results. I lost 19 pounds and 22.5 inches. The program has taught my how to eat in a way that most benefits my body and also trained my not to use food as part of my emotional coping mechanism. In all I feel balanced and healthy and ready for whatever God has planned for me next. Extra weight was such an obstacle in my relationship with myself- that obstacle has been removed. I love the program because it teaches us to do so many different healthy and beneficial things at the same time and really sets us up to win in the present and in the future. Thank you Christina! 


William and Shelley Horton

Note from Coach Christina:

This beautiful couple. Over 40lbs gone. Healing in their body and soul. Renewed Joy and Hope. Here is their story in their own words:

William and I have been amazed at how we have completely changed our way of thinking, eating and living since we started the LYS transformation program. We never imagined that we could make these changes and live a healthier, happier and more spiritual life!

We have been married for 27 years. Throughout our marriage, we have always tried to focus on taking better care of ourselves, only to fall short of long term success because it was always a band-aid fix with any diets we've tried. Believe me when I say, we've tried them all! We were living to eat instead of eating to live. It sounds like a cliche' but it was our reality. William suffered a brain stem stroke and that shook our family to the core. Our faith became much stronger through the recovery process and we were "health focused" but as time passed, we fell into our old, unhealthy lifestyle again. We wanted real change but nothing seemed to really change our thinking..... We needed a paradigm shift; We wanted to feel better, we just didn't know how to start. Then, God brought us to Christina! We are truly different people. The strides we've made in 8 short weeks have been monumental! Not only did we gain knowledge and understanding of how we needed to build a healthy, Christ centered lifestyle; but we have discovered amazing things about ourselves; what foods make us feel tired or achy. William and I have discovered food allergies that we weren't aware of before. It's been an extremely rewarding and transforming experience!! All of our body and joint aches are gone; no more brain fog (refined sugars) no more feeling like taking a nap in the afternoon; all the bad things are gone; in both of us! The most amazing feeling is; we can keep up this lifestyle! We don't ever want to live like we did before again! Wow! 

The past 56 days have truly been life changing for me. Sunday marked the end of my 8 week "Love Yourself" program, and while that comes to a close, i will continue on this journey to better health, and a healthy lifestyle, setting the example I want and need to set for my family. I will also meet my weight loss goal by Daniel's 2nd birthday (May 30).. So, In the 1st 8 weeks of this new chapter of my life, the totals are:


☆15.8 Pounds gone FOREVER 

☆21.25 Inches gone FOREVER《 this is crazy

☆2.7% Body Fat gone fo-EVA


8 weeks ago 》Reflecting back...i think to summarize the past 8 weeks, I would say this... Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound - God's grace has truly been amazing and abundant. His goodness & grace has been overwhelming. Prior to starting this journey 8 weeks ago, I really WAS lost...I felt worthless, defeated & had given up as many times as I had started. I had stopped dreaming...I had stopped believing that things could be different. I had no motivation to change my bad habits with food, I had allowed myself to be convinced that I couldn't change my situation & I had a toxic relationship with food. I felt way older than 34 & at 60 lbs overweight, with every passing day i felt overwhelmed by the question of, "HOW IN THE WORLD DID I GET HERE?!" 


Alissa Rawls Thompson


NOW 》 The physical results mentioned above, are truly just the beginning. I've dropped 2 pants sizes & 1 shirt size. I FEEL amazing, i have so much energy, no more "frying pan" head when I wake up & my body is thanking me for feeding it life giving foods. My skin looks better, my red bumps (it totally wasnt excema) on my arms are completely gone, my extremely dry legs/feet have even gotten better. I feel strong... because I AM strong. I'm able to toss the kiddos around and not feel like my heart is going to explode! YAY! ;) Food no longer controls me & I eat to live vs. living to eat. I am learning new ways to cook & enjoying new foods (spaghetti squash, etc). For the 1st time, I've involved God in my health & well-being, and it's been wonderful! God has shown me that I need Him in every aspect of my life. I can see so much more clearly now - the fog & lies about myself have been lifted. I am fearfully and wonderfully God's image. He wants more for me. I am learning not to compare myself to others. I am learning to love myself, and treat my body as a temple. I have been reminded that I accomplish so much when I keep my focus UPWARD and on what God is capable of. I am learning, learning.... learning. Progress, not perfection.


I am so thankful for Christina...she has genuinely believed in me, she has encouraged me in times of doubt, she has gently pushed me along & reminded me that God is in the center of it all. She has been exactly what I needed & I know she was Heaven sent, at just the perfect time in my life. God has also given me a forever friend in her. Christina, you are living out your God given purpose & I love you. You have forever impacted my life for the better. Thank you...Thank you for believing that I could be changed & for equipping me with the tools & know how. I CANNOT WAIT FOR WHAT'S NEXT. Cannot get over God's grace - What an awesome opportunity this has been & continues to be. 

Kendra Key

Yesterday, I completed Christina Charley's Eight Week Transformation and cannot be happier with the progress I've made.


While I was in law school, I developed some dry places on my chin that looked like eczema, which I have never had before. Just before I left Nashville, a doctor prescribed me some creme to put on it, but I lost it in the move. Good thing because I didn't need it!!


After 4 weeks under Christina Charley's transformation, my face has completely cleared up!!! Praise Jesus! 


During the 8-week transformation, I lost 20.9 inches; 16.8 lbs; and 4.3 % body fat.


This experience has been the spark to a new life of fitness, wellness and wholeness! Christina has been awwweeesome!

Tara & Mike Engel

I completed the 8 week plan a few weeks ago, but have continued to follow the plan and have lost 6 more pounds.


I feel like I am becoming the person, inside and out, that I am supposed to be.  I get nothing out of encouraging others to take this step, but the satisfaction of seeing others transform themselves.  


I definitely feel healthier, more energetic, and more confidant. I am so glad I chose to do this for myself 8 weeks ago. I think taking the first step is often the hardest one.


Doing this with Michael Engel definitely made it easier! (He lost over 24lbs)!!

Thank you again to Christina Charley for all of the guidance and support. Looking forward to reaching new goals over the next 8 weeks and on!


I lost 21 pounds and 16 inches. It is hard for me to believe that could be done in 8 weeks only by eating properly and exercising, typically no more than 30 minutes a day.

Dawn Alter

 So, a lot of self discovery has been done... I've learned to say no to my cravings (most of them) and to be more mindful of my body being a temple.


I've learned to be vulnerable. I've learned that the people around me can be inspired by the simple changes I've been making.


I've learned that I can influence my family's health choices, but I can't force them to have the same convictions I do.


I've learned I can actually go shopping in a non plus size store and actually fit into "regular" sizes.


I've learned it's ok to make mistakes or miss a day if exercise.


I've learned that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Thanks for appearing, Christina Charley!

After 8 weeks I'm down 27 lbs & 19 1/2 inches all around. Amazing! Never could have done this without my spiritual guide & mentor Christina Charley! She is truly gifted in what she does. Here are my before and after pix. Quite a bit of vulnerability to post these!

Go to the BLOG and click TESTIMONIALS to see more!

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