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Transformation: Al and Karen Vega

TRANSFORMATION ALERT!! Let's make some noise for Al & Karen!!

8 weeks ago this beautiful couple came to me with the desire to finally get healthy. They joined my Mind, Body & Spirit Transformation and made radical changes! 38 Pounds GONE, renewed heart and spirit gained!

Transformation Story (Written by Al): Our biggest victory is to see God doing a miracle with both of us. I am at my lowest weight in 9 years and lost 23 pounds. Karen has lost over 15 pounds. We are still motivated to lose more, seeing the results, and knowing its totally possible. The best part of it all is we are having fun exercising during the week, eating cleaner and having more energy to do more.

Karen and I had been taking a exercise class 1x a week and had a goal of walking 10, 000 steps daily. We were trying to eat healthy, but felt stuck. Finally, we decided to get help, but instead of a getting a personal gym trainer we decided to call Christina for help.

The biggest need we had was to make a lifestyle change in which we changed the way we look at food and health. We needed a extra help to guide us, motivate us, toward this. On my last Dr.'s visit my doctor allowed me to drop one of my cholesterol medications. We have more energy, clearer mind, and more motivated about life than ever!

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