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Transformation: Neema Varner

I have completed my 8 weeks Transformation Journey and it has been amazing, challenging, encouraging, discouraging, mind blowing, and enlightening. I have learned so much that I need to lift up and some things that I definitely need to refine. So, before I go any further let me share what has happened to my body in 8 weeks.

Pounds: 11lbs BLASTED


BODY FAT: decreased by 4.8%

DOWN 1 pants size

WOW! I am so psyched, but I was tempted to not be excited. Can you believe that? The truth is that while these numbers are awesome, they are just numbers. The real work has been with my emotions and my thoughts.

The truth is while I was excited by the numbers, I started the what if game. What if I had not gone to NY and gained two pounds? What if I had not enjoyed my time with family and friends during Thanksgiving and gained two pounds? What if I had eaten completely clean the entire eight weeks? All of these what ifs could take away from the joys of what I have accomplished and negate the progress of what IS!

I confessed my feelings to Christina Charley and she reminded me of all that is not covered by the above numbers. She reminded me of the times that I have fought to stay focused. She reminded me of the times that I have gone to God instead of food for confidence and validation. She reminded me of what a wreck I was starting this journey and how I moved forward anyway. She reminded me that this is not only about losing weight, it is about loving myself and my Godly temple. She reminded me that this is a journey, and that like any journey, God doesn't expect perfection....He expects us to keep moving forward!

I am grateful for this journey because it proved what a warrior I am. It proved that God can work through me IF I open my mind, heart, and soul to Him. It proved that God is bigger than any obstacle, negative mindset, or challenge. MY GOD IS AWESOME! He proved once again that when I give Him my effort He will make the changes that are needed in my HEART! She also reminded me of the beauty that has nothing to do with weight loss...the beauth of God reflected in my life. That WINS all the time!

Update: Pregnant:

I want to take some time today and send some love and a special tanks to Christina Charley. I am so grateful for all she taught me about healthy eating and the reasons why we eat healthy. While I have my moments, the lessons have stuck with me and because of that I really am having one of the most healthy pregnancies I have ever had! So now when I get sick I know its just hormones and I can tell when I slacking on my veggies. Thanks Christina! You are awesome!

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