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Health Coach Transformation: Cheryll Jones Mizzell

Cheryll Jones Mizzell

I have been on my journey for 8 weeks and I have overcome some obstacles. I started my journey with a flood that I had to evaculate my home twice. I slipped a few times and ate some sugar foods that were like my comfort food. I have overcome my obstables by turning to God to help me to get back on track with my transformation. I have had many victories including surviving all food that was prepared during Thanksgiving. I was able to maintain my weight and even lost a half inch. In total I have lost 9.4 lbs and 13.5 inches. I feel confident that my new transformation will be able to survive the Christmas holiday goodies as long as I keep asking God to be part of my journey on a daily basis. I also would like to thank my coach and friend Christina Charley and my friendCathy Freiberger for all their encouraging words and scripture.

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