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Vanessa Lovell Testimonial

Christina Charley, my health coach and friend, asked me to share the story of my lifestyle change and to post before and after photos. Well, one day I will post those pictures but for now I am still not ready to do that. But I am very happy to share a few things that are in my heart for those of you who are toying with the idea of making some changes, or who are in the early stages of your transformation.

Eating vegetables and fruit and a primarily plant based diet for me has been so much more than just giving up bad habits like too much fat, salt and alcohol. The nutrition in the veggies feeds my whole self exactly what I need. It has transformed how I approach my entire life, a little at a time. For me the change has been gradual, not too overwhelming but life changing none the less. I think one reason why I am not ready to post my before and after pictures is because I am still on this amazing journey. I have enjoyed every second so much that I am not ready for it to be over. So I’m taking my time. The veggies have taught me to do that, to be patient and to savor each delicious bite.

Before the program I was miserable. Even though I have a wonderful, loving marriage I was unhappy. Even though I am living my dream of being a goat farmer I was unhappy. Even though I have the best friends anyone could wish for I was unhappy. My family is supportive and caring but I was still unhappy. I felt stressed out all the time and my body was weak. My back hurt. I never had any energy to do the things I knew I needed to do in order to feel better. It was so sad-- and I was stuck there.

And then last fall I began noticing my sister Cynthia was looking really good. Every time I saw her she looked more and more beautiful. When I asked her about it she told me about her friend Christina, from church, who is a health coach. Cynthia’s experience with Christina’s program inspired me! I confided in Cynthia how awful I’d been feeling and how my back hurt and how I needed some help. She told me I should call Christina when I was ready for a change. So one day, soon afterwards, I did.

You take a leap of faith when you commit to Christina’s LYS fitness community and in doing so, you reclaim your destiny. You take back your power from those feelings of self-doubt, fear and hopelessness. In the eight weeks of the program I lost weight, inches, and gained muscle. My hydration levels increased. I have zero back pain. I have gained self-confidence and I laugh whole lot more. Now I spend more time outdoors with the goats and my husband. We cleaned out our entire house. I’m redecorating with colors and things that bring me joy. There are other changes, many more that I won’t post here. Just know I am happy now. And trust me, veggies are powerful life changers! Thank you, Christina, for introducing me to my new life!

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